What Channel is CBS Sports on Dish?

CBS Sports is a cable network that is available on most cable and satellite providers, including Dish Network. The channel is home to a variety of sports programming, including live games, highlights, and analysis.

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What is CBS Sports?

CBS Sports is a cable network that is owned by CBS Corporation. The network airs a variety of sports programming, including live and taped event coverage, analysis programs, and sports-related documentaries.

What is Dish Network?

Dish Network is a direct-broadcast satellite (DBS) service provider. It offers television and radio services to subscribers through satellite transmissions. It has a wide variety of programs and channels, including many sports channels such as CBS Sports.

How to watch CBS Sports on Dish Network

CBS Sports Network is available on Dish Network channel 158. You can also find CBS Sports Network online at cbssports.com or by downloading the CBS Sports app for iOS or Android.

What channels are on Dish Network?

Dish offers a variety of channels, including CBS Sports. To find out which channels are available in your area, visit dish.com/shop and enter your zip code.

How to find the CBS Sports channel on Dish Network

If you want to catch all the action from your favorite CBS Sports teams, you’ll need to know what channel CBS Sports is on Dish Network. The channel number can vary depending on your location and subscription package, but you can usually find it in the 800s.

How to add CBS Sports to your Dish Network package

To add CBS Sports to your Dish Network package, you will need to contact customer support. You can add CBS Sports by calling 1-800-333-3474 and adding it to your package.

How to watch CBS Sports without Dish Network

Although Dish Network no longer offers CBS Sports as a channel, there are still ways that you can watch CBS Sports programming. One option is to sign up for a streaming service that offers CBS Sports, such as Sling TV or PlayStation Vue. You can also use an antenna to watch CBS Sports, if you live in an area where the channel is available over the air.

What programming is on CBS Sports?

As a sports fan, you want to make sure you never miss a game. To do that, you need to know where to find CBS Sports.

CBS Sports provides live game coverage of many different sports, including football, basketball, baseball, golf, and more. You can also find highlights and analysis of past games, as well as original programming like “We Need to Talk” featuring Andrea Kremer and Bryant Gumbel.

So what channel is CBS Sports on Dish? You can find CBS Sports on Dish channel 155.

How to contact CBS Sports

Here is the contact information for CBS Sports:

Main Phone Number: 212-975-3247
Consumer Affairs: 888-335-4721
Advertising opportunities: 212-975-4321
Press inquiries: 212-975-2860

How to contact Dish Network


Dish Network offers a variety of channels for sports fans, including CBS Sports. Contact Dish Network to add CBS Sports to your channel lineup.

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